Meet B. Brown

Hi! I'm B. Brown aka Bria Brown aka B. Brown Productions. Let's get acquainted. I'm a videographer (obviously HA), a gear enthusiast, a YouTuber on hiatus, a displaced Southerner, a fierce advocate for my people, a fast talker, a creative, your new best friend.  I started creating a few years ago when I had something to say! Then I kept creating when I had something I wanted to see.  

This business can be rather personal.  Whether you want a videographer for your wedding or your small business--the business of creating with someone or some entity can get rather personal.  With the collision of two (or many more) creative minds, visions, etc. 

The point is, we'll have to get to know each other and I wouldn't want to run a business any other way.

Photo Credit: Dutcher Photography, Madison WI

Photo Credit: Dutcher Photography, Madison WI

Bria Brown