Bria brown


My name is Bria Brown and I am the founder of B. Brown Productions LLC.  I started making videos several years ago and it has grown into a passion, hobby, and a living.  I absolutely love capturing stories, moments, movements, and more. And I love that I have the tools to help other folks tell their story.


Although I am from the all over the South (born in Georgia, raised in South Carolina, schooled in Virginia) I split my time living and working between Atlanta, Georgia and Madison, Wisconsin.  I spend most of my time creating videos, working at a local non-profit, and spending time with loved ones. You can always find me at the local co-op of whatever city I’m in at that moment.


I am a fast talker and a thinker of BIG ideas, so I don’t want to just provide you with a video and say “good luck making this work for you.”  I want to introduce you to other creatives who will bring your vision full circle.  I want to sit and talk with you about how to optimize the videos we create together for your needs. I want to provide you with a full experience.